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BIG names, GREAT names. The experienced BIG staff has created numerous distinctive brand names for various industries, products and services during the past years. To find good brand names is much more than the process of creating. Our ability to consider names by insight in intellectual property rights will ensure a short and effective name developing process.

IXION A brand new name for a newly launched Norwegian radio streaming unit.
HIMMELSPANNET Himmelspannet (The Celestial Bucket) is a small local village dairy in the valley of Hemsedal, Norway. View more ..

SNJO  Snjo means fresh and snow in ancient Norwegian.
The name of Q-Meieriene´s dessert yoghurt product was created by BIG. 
JUCAN An easier and more active web site for job applicants with access to thousands of attractive positions. 
The platform is operated by WebCruiter, a longtime expert on recruitment solutions.
DUGA is an entirely new generation of nutritious barley grains with an exceptional high content of glucan. The name is associated with the Norwegian word "duge", in the sense of something being worthwhile.
SEA FRAICHE Name, packaging design for Enghav´s new clean cut loin product, fresh from the ocean. The brand was launched in 2012
ODELIA Cold pressed virgin oil from rapeseed, grown in sunny acres in Østfold, Norway. In only two years after the launch, the brand became market leader of the cooking oil segment in Norway, with an extraordinary high brand awareness.
NYR  Adaptable as the famous French fromage blanc, NYR has a dozen ways of making food taste better. NYR is low on fat and high on proteins, easily replacing cream and sour cream to make the meal more healthy, fresh and tasty. NYR is an ecological niche product from Grøndalen Gårdsmeieri, and the Chefs´ absolute favorite since 2004.
LUCY DUCK   A total name and profile makeover from Saape to Lucky Duck, a store chain selling bathroom accessories. The name was created in collaboration with colleagues at Brandlab.
PURE The PURE Water systems make use of a sophisticated filtration and purification process that ensures drinking water of highest quality, with superb clean taste. View more....
AIBEL is a leading Norwegian service company that works within the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors all over the world, providing clients with engineering, construction, upgrading and maintenance solutions. The business originated from ABB Offshore Systems in 2002.
SENZ  is Expert´s own private label brand for smart electronics and domestic appliances, designed to match brands such as Miele, Braun, Smeg and others. View more ..
BOCCA  Norway´s first dark chocolate from former Nidar. The name is inspired by the Italian word for a mouthful of good taste, bócca. The dark chocolate was a first step towards healthier confections, containing 70 percent cacao and at least 100 percent passion!

SILVER  The company´s basic business idea is to increase net asset value on paid-up policies - to become the silver for future rainy days. The identity has been awarded by the The Norwegian Design Council.  View more....
VERDANE Verdane Capital Advisors is the Nordic market's largest and most successful independent manager of secondary direct funds. 
QICRAFT.  A Nordic and Baltic supplier of training systems, equipment and technical solutions for training studios.
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