PURE Water

PURE WATER The Pure Water concept was launched in the late nineties. At that time, Sven Skaara was creative director of Scandinavian Design Group, and responsible for the conceptualization and design of the eco-friendly water system. The bottle was awarded the Grand Clio Gold award for outstanding packaging design in 1999. Despite fierce competition from similar products, Pure survived. The bottles are still as attractive as they were back then. You will see them in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and offices all over Europe. The primary benefits of the mains-fed PURE Water systems are the significant financial savings and the greatly reduced environmental impact compared with bought-in bottled water. Additionally, the PURE Water systems make use of a sophisticated filtration and purification process that ensures drinking water of highest quality, with superb clean taste. The Pure Water Company: http://purewaterco.co.uk, http://purewater.no

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